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In response to this and professah’s tags for it.

Sometimes Whitmore needs a ride to work and asks Rick for help. At first Rick was happy to oblige. Then things got dangerously ridiculous. Glasses were lost. Trauma happened. Tickets were issued by the federal authorities on account of senseless flailing while on motorbikes. Now Rick just tells Whitmore to take the bus.

HAAAA perfect!  

Whitmore you will die if you let go.  You will really die.  I mean it.


(Source: upperstories)


I like the idea of GLaDOS being all menacing and revenge-seeking towards Wheatley for some reason… it just makes me want to draw it. So I did, but only after the idea spent a couple months knocking around in my head, ahaha. Androidy-humany versions as usual.. messed up a little in places but meh, enjoyed the process and that’s the important thing!

(drawing a character injured doesn’t make you a horrible person, right? right??)



So sorry that I posted this a little late. Um. Four hours late. You can find out why here and here.


I don’t know why I did that, either. Hopefully, people will actually see this, even though I’m posting it so late.

ANYWAY, tried perfecting Wheatley a little more and I intended to start designing the other cores, but GLaDOS took over the page. Oh, well. I like her design the most, anyway.

Neat designs!



I have alot of tiny headcanons about the last chapter. Like that Wheatley’s sinuses are super sensitive for a bit (due to being in a super-controlled/probably near-sterile environment for such a long time). And that he just eats everything. Like some kind of lawnmower-horse. And that the doctor (Dillon?) half guesses at the reason for his absolute ignorance health and body-wise, but doesn’t really believe it anyway.

Plus, I can’t help but sometimes think of Wheatley as some boneless rubber person. Because of reasons.

this is kinda long goobye.


awww why my face all spiky -___-

Me and K were talking a while back and we agreed that post-Aperture Wheatley, like Chell at first, would have an immune system that was basically shot to shit, and would need about a billion vaccinations before he started to not catch every single cold ever.

Haha awww, it’s like you could drape him over your shoulders. -Snorts-


I found a pattern for sewing any size sphere…

Guys. We should all have an enormous Wheatley sewing party. We will all work on our giant Wheatley plushies and uh…. I don’t know man. I don’t plan parties. But even if you guys don’t want to, I’m throwing myself a giant Wheatley sewing party.

And when it’s over we’ll all have giant Wheatley plushies and nothing will ever be sad again.

EDIT: REVERSEMERMAID! Here is the pattern I found:

I know pretty much nothing about sewing. I have stitched holes in my clothes and patched things before but it was pretty crude. But I THINK I CAN DO THIS.

Oh man I’ve been looking for a good sphere pattern to use! 8D

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