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I’m crying

I laughed at this video for like 30 minutes last night

Holy shit I never actually cry but I’m crying.



This is so STUPID, but I laughed so HARD.

THIS IS STUPID, why am I still laughing?!





What are hip dips and why you stop caring about them.

Lately on my dash I’ve been seeing posts about hip dips, and anonymous questions on how to prevent hip dips or how much they hate theirs.

I just want to let you know that it’s normal. The celebrities or girls in your thinspo tags that you see that don’t have it either are wearing spanx, they’re photo shopped, or you just plain don’t see it.

I have never met any one that didn’t have one. It’s part of our anatomy, and on some is more noticeable than others. It all depends on your body type, muscle, and fat distribution. 

Most children in north america have heard this song in pre-school and kinder garden, but for most it’s been a while so I thought I’d give you a refresher course.

With the leg bone connected to the knee bone,
and the knee bone connected to the thigh bone,
and the thigh bone connected to the hip bone.

That is exactly what a “hip dip” is. It’s because the femur attaches to the acetabulum which is made up of all three hip bones: the ilium, ischium, and pubis.

You get a hip dip from being born with a skeleton. 

Those celebrities/thinspo girls that you look up to and think, “oh I wish I didn’t have a hip dip. They are so lucky they don’t have one.” Hate to break it to ya (not really), but they have it too. 

Hey look it’s Mily cyrus, Beyonce, and Kelly brook. They all have one!

Oh wait, I have more! All in their unphotoshopped glory! :D

Even ryan gosling has one.

Everyone has one, but sometimes it’s not as noticeable. Men and women have it, but it’s more noticable on women because our hips are generally wider. Like I said earlier it’s really about fat, and muscle distribution. Some women have it more noticeable, some don’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. I know I have it, and I have never met anyone who is like “ew your hip dip is so gross.”

Remember the picture with Brittany spears vs Photoshop? Even she has one.

We have to Remember that we live in a world where spanx is readily available to smooth out our lumps and insecurities to common folk and celebrities alike. Along with photoshop to take away “imperfections” on celebrities so we can feel shitty about ourselves. All while we read magazines or see adverts with conflicting messages like “you’re beautiful” and an advert for make up right or weight loss tips next to it. 

You’re in trouble when you want to stop looking human. Seriously guy and gals, everyone has one as long as you keep your skeleton. 

OMG THANK YOU! I was afraid there was something wrong with my thighs.

dude, when these are drawn well or really prominent they are so god damn sexy

i love the human skeleton wow.

Woah, wait. People are hating on the iliac crest? That’s the goddamn sexiest part of the body. Like unf.

Ladies and gentlemen, by all means love thy hips!!

Good post.

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My two cents on Wheatley and his role in Portal 2



I am, quite obviously, one of those people that adore Wheatley. A lot. And yes, I am in the camp of people that “forgave” him. Do I usually portray him as way sweeter than he actually is? Yes. Even in my ask blog everything is toned down, and GLaDOS is more of somebody who blearily mocks him from time to time, rather than the ruthless bot that she actually is.

This is mostly because I have an immense failure to ever vilify anybody, ever. It’s just not in me to dislike or hate somebody because of their choices. I’m a huge softie and a gigantic pushover.

So, do I think Wheatley got what he deserved by going into space, and that it made a solid ending for the character? Honestly, yes. What would happen if he fell back to earth and Chell somehow found him in a Portal 3 game? Even if it was the saccharine ending me and other people enjoy exploring in art and fanfiction, I feel like it would take away from the ending of Portal 2. It felt like an ending, as much as I hate to say it. There’s really no reason for Wheatley to come back. 

Now, if Valve did decide to bring him back to earth for whatever reason, I doubt it would be portrayed in the way we’ve imagined it being, so I don’t think we would be happy with it anyways. I don’t think Chell needs a reminder of Aperture with her, regardless of how affable and nebbish he is.


I thought the same thing.

Here’s my theory for “Half Portal Life 3” though. Wheatley falls back to earth, is captured by the Combine, then single handedly defeats them with his stupidity. The end. 


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