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Seeing multiple fabulous games up on Kickstarter at the moment, I just thought I’d spread the word about them.

Mighty No. 9


Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs…and YOU!

Mighty No. 9 is an all-new Japanese side-scrolling action game that takes the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love, and transforms them with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing!

Having BLOWN by their goal of $900,000, they’re now up beyond $2,000,000! Does the style look familiar? It should. Keiji Inafune is the Project Lead and he has been involved with over 30 Megaman titles, including the original. They’ve already posted tons of art and info over on their Kickstarter that you should definitely checkout. And while you’re there, help them along by grabbing a tier of really cool stuff!

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero


An all-new HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!

Who is Shantae? Why, she’s the star of our game! She’s a human/genie hybrid (a Half-Genie) who hair-whips monsters with her ponytail, and belly dances to transform into magical creatures. She explores Sequin Land, solves labyrinths, trashes epic bosses, and foils the busty buccaneer Risky Boots, always managing to save the day! She’s been featured in three daring adventures, all designed exclusively for Nintendo handhelds. Now Shantae’s headed for the living room, but her core gameplay elements will remain intact.

This game needs a little help to reach their goal. As I am typing this, the game is currently about $70,000 UNDER their goal of $400,000. Everyone should check this game out! The style is adorable, has great animations and music! It’s a side-scroller with 3D levels and 2D based sprites. Their sprites even change color with real-time lighting! (Hey, I think that’s cool)

Hyper Light Drifter


Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.

Drifters of this world are the collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories. Our Drifter is haunted by an insatiable illness, traveling further into the lands of Buried Time, steeped in blood and treasure hoping to discover a way to quiet the vicious disease. Echoes of a dark and violent past from the dead eras resonate throughout and he can’t help but listen.

The visuals are gorgeous and the music they have for the video is just beautiful. If that’s that I have to look forward to, count me in for any tier with the soundtrack! Oh man, It is really hard to put into words how much I am looking forward to this game, but here I go, I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!



Slip is a fast paced side scrolling platformer for PC and Mac. Swap between two colors to avoid danger.

Slip is a fast paced level-centric platformer for Windows and Mac. The best way to summarize it would be, “Ikaruga meets Mario, and they hit it off. Really well. I mean, REALLY WELL (They make a baby)”. Slip achieves addictive levels of difficulty by combining the simple and intuitive controls of a platformer with the beautiful simplicity of color swapping. The result of the merger is a game that is very easy to understand, yet extremely difficult to master and wholly unique from other games featuring the color swap mechanic.

OH MAN THIS LOOKS SO INFURIATINGLY FUN! No, really, you just have to go watch the video and see the gameplay. I love the mechanics for it!

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    Two of these have less than 10 days left! Mighty No 9 only has 6 days left. Shantae is at 9 days left! Help Shantae out...
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    The Kickstarter runs through October 9 and as of now they’re still around $100k short, let’s get this funded people
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